Additional Courses

In addition to Breastfeeding support we offer courses on topics of interest to new parents

Details of current courses available HERE

Weaning onto Solid Foods Your baby only needs milk for approximately the first 6 months of her life. Solid food – the next step in feeding- is a big step and can be confusing. We offer TWO workshops to help parents navigate this stage of baby’s development; the first Starting Solid Foods Is all about the first steps, how to know when your baby is ready, how to start offering solid food. We also offer a follow-on workshop, From First Tastes to Family Foods, which covers what to do next, how to progress from introducing food into your baby’s diet to eating meals as a family.

Starting Solid Foods

Moving from milk to “solid” food can be a confusing time for new parents. You may have many questions;
How do you know your baby is ready?
What foods can they have at first?
What is Baby-Led weaning? or What is the difference between Baby-led and any other weaning method?

If you would like to discuss any of these questions, this workshop is for you.
We will not tell you “HOW” to do it, but we hope to provide the information for you to decide what is right for you and your baby.

From First Tastes to Family Food,

So you’ve started giving your baby on solid food – Congratulations! But once you’ve given them some new tastes and flavours what next? A lot of people get confused by how to progress to the next stage, how to move your baby onto eating family food. This workshop looks a just that

We will look at what your little one can and can’t eat. We will think about how they eat and when. I will invite you to think about what you typically eat as a family so we can discuss how to adapt this for your baby.

Normal Infant Sleep

Lack of sleep is probably on of the biggest concerns for new parents. Newborn babies’ sleep patterns are very different from adult ones. There are many reasons for this, but mainly it’s because babies are in a very different stage of development, so either have different needs or their sleep patterns haven’t fully developed yet. This workshop will help you understand why babies sleep how they do and give you some strategies on how to adapt to support this.

We do not suggest sleep training or cry-it-out methods.